NEW OCEANS is a fuzzpunk/grunge/garage trio in Chicago, IL. featuring Dave Downs on guitar and vocals, Rob Miller on bass, and John F. Kehoe on drums. They follow in the great rock tradition of acting apeshit on stage while playing loud and fast. NEW OCEANS is a real throwback to when rock really meant something dangerous.

"Having the feel of early Seattle grunge while throwing in some of the most unique song progressions in modern rock, New Oceans have grown to be an innovative and exciting newcomer to the american rock scene." -Jeremy Neugebauer Alternative Nation

"Of all the Seattle sound knock-offs that have spawned in the rebel-against-pop 21st Century scene, New Oceans seem to hit the nail on the head. While most of the grunge wannabes are practicing their “Smells Like Teen Spirit” chord progressions, this trio has found a comfortable niche in the modern version of the abrasive Bleach era. The Chicago-based band’s debut EP, What’s The Use, captures this energy perfectly and sets the stage for more to come." - Riley Rowe Alternative Nation